debut album

New Dawn

out now

New Dawn has been featured in Metal Hammer, Zero Tolerance, Powerplay, and other top metal magazines across the globe.

New Dawn is a solid debut and often compelling listen, oozing energy, emotion and a touch of class.

- Angry Metal Guy

This debut sees them plug a gaping black hole void in the UK's melodic death metal scene.

- Powerplay Magazine

New Dawn, at its very essence, is a stunning display of mesmerizing beauty and an appreciation of solitude.

- Nine Circles

Countless Skies fill the landscape of 'New Dawn' with some of the most majestic and enticing melodies of 2016 so far.

- Dead Rhetoric

From the beautifully realised coverart to the smoothly escalating power of opening track 'Aubade', Countless Skies present themselves as a band of stature, worth and class.

- Zero Tolerance Magazine